Schleich Monolophosaurus

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  • When the Monolophosaurus is on the prowl, it’s best to keep a safe distance
  • With movable jaws, this lifelike Monolophosaurus is so realistic, so authentic, other dinosaurs run for the safety of the toybox
  • No cartoon dinosaurs here – like every schleich® dinosaur toy, Gastonia is crafted to look like the real thing
  • Hold it in your hand – you'll instantly recognize the exceptional craftsmanship and product quality
  • So rich in texture your kids might lose themselves in a world of imagination
  • Give the gift of storytelling – Gastonia fits in gift bags, stockings, and epic prehistoric adventures
  • The schleich® Dinosaurs play world is teeming with lifelike dinosaur figures from the age of giants

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BRAND: Schleich