Masterfeeds 13% NRG (Multi-Particle)

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  • For horses in intense training
  • Masterfeeds 13% NRG is loaded with calories and good working energy
  • This multi-particle ration is based on an oil coated fortified pellet and extruded bits, with a light coating of molasses
  • The fibre content is medium, with some starch and a very high fat content
  • The 12% fat from all vegetable sources, provides endurance energy, and is fantastic for maintaining weight on horses
  • It is completely balanced with vitamins and minerals and can be fed alone with hay. It is also often used as a high fat topdress
  • Multi-particle texture which is palatable and easy to digest ration including pellets and extruded with an oil and molasses coating
  • Blended energy from multiple components for improved performance
  • Meets or exceeds the energy demands of hardworking performance horses
  • Contains 12% fat from all vegetable sources which is an easily digestible energy source to compliment the starch and fibre to provide a balanced source of calories
  • Contains high crude fat extruded bit for enhanced energy availability
  • High level of Vitamin E contributes to overall improved health, immunity, antioxidant properties, and optimal nerve and muscle function
  • Contains 100% organic trace minerals for increased bio-availability of those nutrients essential for immune response, hoof health, bone and cartilage development
  • Contains Yea-Sacc and Pulse 500 which both work as a pre-biotic; feeding existing bacteria and a pro-biotic; adding more beneficial bugs to the gut
  • This works to stabilize the gut, reduces digestive upsets, and maximizes nutrient digestion and absorption
  • Added B-vitamins which boosts vitamin intake for horses in high stress or high activity situations when requirements are elevated
  • Sku: 3428