Tiedown & Breakaway Ropes

Tie-down roping was another way for ranch hands to catch calves for branding and doctoring. As calves aren't as big as steers, it is a single person event in rodeo. The rider will chase and lasso the calf around its neck. After, the rider must dismount off of their horse and run towards the calf. They have to throw the calf on the ground and tie 3 of its legs together in the shortest amount of time.

Breakaway roping is a type of calf roping, but there's no throwing or tying involved. This timed event takes place during a rodeo where a rider attempts to rope the calf as quickly as possible out of the chute. If the rider if successful in roping the calf they stop their horse, pulling the rope tight. When the string holding the rope on the horn snaps off, the run is over and the time is calculated. Whoever has the lowest time, WINS!

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