Team Ropes

Team roping mimics working cattle ranchers capturing a steer in the field for doctoring or branding. Named "the only true team event in rodeo", a team roping team consists of a header, who ropes the head of the steer, and a heeler, who ropes the heels of the steer. Starting on opposite sides of the roping chute, the header must rope the horns and/or neck of the steer once it leaves the chute and clears the barrier line. The header then has to turn the steer to the left, allowing the heeler to rope its hind legs. Once the heeler has caught, the header must turn and face the heeler, and when both ropes are tight, the timer is stopped. 

Team ropes are waxed, with heading ropes generally being shorter and softer to open and lay around the horns. Heeling ropes tend to be longer with a harder feel so it stands up and open to catch the steer's hind feet. 

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