Ritchey Universal Large Ear Tag Light Blue/Black

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  • Package of 25
  • Large size (4 3/4"H x 3"W)
  • The Richey dual-coloured cow tag was developed to solve the age-old problem of the faded ear tag
  • Does not use inks, foils, or laser printed numbers, the ID information is permanently engraved INTO, not onto, the tag
  • Proven to last the life of the animal
  • Only ID tag in the world that allows you to quickly engrave permanent ID information into the tag yourself
  • Dual coloured, two-piece and will install with most major button systems
  • Ideal for ear tags on mature beef and dairy cattle
  • Also great for equipment labels, vineyard row labels, tree row ID, or any other situation where weatherproof ID is needed
  • Made in Colorado since 1964

Additional Information:

SKU: 04111
COLOUR: Light Blue
BRAND: Ritchey