StepRight Step 5 - Maintenance

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  • Step 5 - Maintenance is an extruded, high fibre feed designed specifically for mature horses requiring less dietary energy and protein
  • A large, extruded kibble that encourages your horse to eat slowly. Extruded feeds encourage chewing and saliva production, which in turn can buffer stomach acid and help to prevent gastric ulcers
  • Excellent palatability and unique shape also make it a great choice as a horse treat
  • All fat sources used are non-hydrogenated vegetable oils that are selected to provide a good ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids to your horse
  • Fortified with Trouw Nutrition’s Intellibond® and Optimin® trace minerals, pre and probiotics, biotin, full complement of B vitamins and SmartStep BeneFit Pak™ for superior digestibility, growth and performance in your horse
  • Sku: 2259