Rite-Blox Blueprint 20 AN - 200lb

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  • Masterfeeds Rite-Blox Blueprint 20 AN is a unique form of free-choice nutrient supplementation, containing 20% protein, from all natural sources
  • Our hybrid technology combines palatability, predictable intake and top level nutrient delivery
  • Formulated to be fed to all ages and classes of cattle on medium quality forages
  • Rite-Blox Blueprint 20 AN is designed for self-feeding to all classes of beef cattle fed moderate quality forages
  • Self-fed consumption will depend on size of animals fed, as well as quality, source and availability of other feeds, and the number of supplement containers provided
  • Rite-Blox is designed and formulated to provide supplemental protein to help improve forage utilization by increased forage intake and improved fibre digestibility
  • Complete supplement, including salt provides essential minerals and vitamins
  • Hybrid block form
  • Blueprint Total Replacement Technology features Bioplex organic trace minerals as the onlysource of Cobalt, Copper, Manganese and Zinc
  • Bioplex provides mineral nutrition in a form as close to nature as possible
  • Sel-Plex is a safe, natural form of Selenium that contributes to stronger immune systems, better productivity and reproduction success and higher nutritional value of meat
  • 20% all-natural protein ideal for all classes of cattle on moderate to high quality forages
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