Hoffman's 12% Maintenance Ration - 20kg

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  • Feed form: Pellet
  • This feed contains added selenium at 1.1mg/kg
  • A ration for maintenance and horses on light work when you are pasturing, wintering, not riding consistently, have an easy-keeper etc.
  • Complete with all the vitamins and minerals needed for a balanced maintenance program
  • Allows your horse to recieves all its nutritional needs without adding weight
  • Low Feeding Rates around 4-6 lbs/day
  • Low NSC and starch level (17.5%)
  • TruEquine™ Postbiotic a natural* horse feed additive, backed by nearly 80 years of research, that works with the biology of the animal to maintain immune strength, support optimal digestive function, proper joint support, gut health, and stress management.
  • ZinPro® Complexed Minerals are more biologically available to the horse
  • Organic Selenium helps ensure better absorption and much better utilization within the body
  • Supplemental balanced amino acids for maintenance
  • Consistent intake and nutrient levels formulated using quality ingredients
  • Sku: 3762