Masterfeeds Amplifier Max Milk Replacer

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  • 22-22-20 all-milk protein milk replacer
  • A premium all-milk 22-22-20 milk replacer that consistently performs just as well as whole milk
  • Amplifier Max uses research based technology to ensure top performance and growth
  • Calves on Amplifier Max will have excellent growth and performance, minimal scouring and improved health
  • Amplifier Max when compared to a 20/20 milk replacer consistently results in 11 kg (24 lbs) more at weaning, longer, taller and larger frame heifer calves, excellent performance with less scouring, improved calf health and added gain is muscle and bone, not fat
  • Enhanced Architect® formulation system delivers balanced nutrition with a unique combination of protein, fat and carbohydrate for maximum calf performance
  • Digestarom is an exclusive essential oil/botanical that has been researched proven to enhance milk replacer intake and influence feed to gain ratios
  • Contains 22% protein making it highly digestible, human grade quality ingredient for optimum lean muscle growth
  • Contains 20% fat and features and exclusive blend of fat sources that are more efficiently utilized by the calf
  • When compared to the competition, Amplifier Max includes 50% more Omega-3 and 14 times the functional fatty acids
  • With organic trace minerals and Bio-Mos® which is critical in developing strong, health calves by minimizing the impact of stress, while also improving overall calf performance and enhancing immune function
  • Sku: 3798