Mad Barn Omneity Mineral and Vitamin Premix - 5kg

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  • Size: 5kg
  • mneity Premix is a powdered supplement that has been expertly formulated to provide the ultimate mineral and vitamin nutrition for your horse
  • The granulated mixture contains 100% organic trace minerals, B-vitamins, amino acids, digestive enzymes and yeast
  • These nutrients work together to improve hoof quality, support healthy digestion and enhance the absorption of nutrients
  • Powdered supplement designed to provide every horse with optimal, balanced nutrition using natural, earth-grown ingredients
  • Addresses everything from hoof and hair quality to digestive health and energy metabolism
  • Mad Barns best-selling equine supplement
  • Expertly formulated to deliver complete mineral and vitamin needs for your horse
  • 100% organic trace minerals, B-vitamins, digestive enzymes, and active yeast cultures
  • Also includes essential amino acids (building blocks of protein) that are commonly lacking (lysine, methionine, and threonine)
  • Ensures optimal protein synthesis, improved top line, muscling, immunity and health
  • The only complete mineral and vitamin that ultilizes Advanced Trace Mineral Technology (ATMT), which results in greater digestive enzyme activity compared to others
  • No added sugard, artificial sweeteners or fillers