Basic Equine Chamomile 1 KG

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CHAMOMILE powder is often used as a natural calming supplement for horses. It naturally contains Magnesium phosphates, calcium phosphates, potassium phosphates and flavonoids.

This natural supplement acts as a mild muscle relaxant, calmer and anti-inflammatory, and also has an anti-diarrheal quality. it can be used to help calm nervous horses but can also be used to calm the gut down; a gut that may have anxiety-related digestion troubles.

NOTE: Use caution when feeding Chamomile, as it can be a banned substance at some events. Please, ensure you check with your event, to ensure it is okay to be used.

Ingredients: Pure Chamomile Powder

Feeding instructions: Feed 1 scoop of 30 grams, once or twice daily. (60 cc scoop enclosed)

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