Basic Equine Copper & Zinc 1KG

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Copper and Zinc, as chelated trace minerals, are micronutrients essential for proper functioning of many enzyme systems. They play a part in the formation of connective tissues, keratin and collagen, which are vital for healthy hooves, hair and skin.

Zinc plays an important role in improving the immune system, and aids in wound healing, better stress tolerance and fewer infections.

Copper aids in utilizing iron, and it is also important for horses with allergies, as it is able to lower the concentration of histamine in the body. Copper also helps to keep the central nervous system running correctly and efficiently.

A deficiency in either of these nutrients will impact the efficiency of the other. As a supplement, in the proper ratio, these nutrients can substantially improve the body’s ability to grow and heal. It is critical to maintain a 3:1 zinc/copper ratio, in order to sustain optimum absorption.

INGREDIENTS: Chelated Zinc 20,000 mgs, provides 300 mgs. And, 10,000 mgs chelated Copper, provides 100 mgs

Directions for use: 1 Scoop Daily. Each 1-scoop serving = 30 grams (60cc scoop enclosed)

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