Basic Equine Threonine - 1kg

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An essential amino acid that supports digestion, immune function and muscle systems. It enhances growth and food efficiency, produces adrenaline, and is a precursor to thyroid hormones.

This important amino acid is necessary for optimal GI tract health;

  • assists mucin production (an important component of mucous), which contributes to a smooth functioning gut and nutrient absorption.
  • protects the gut against digestive enzymes, pathogens and toxins.

For overall equine care, this amino acid helps speed up the healing process, due to trauma or injury. Deficiency of this amino acid, as well as Lycine, is likely to limit the body’s ability to build muscles.

 Pure L-Threonine

Recommended Serving: One scoop (5 grams) daily (5 cc scoop included)

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