Draw It Out Soothing Relief Dog Shampoo w/Lavender - 16oz

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  • Biodegradable so its great for the environment
  • Sulfate and salt free so its great for your horse
  • We us a Coconut-based surfactant in the formula that is commonly used in baby cleansing products so it is exceptionally mild on your dog while being an efficient cleanser
  • This addition to the draw it out family is designed to be used after training or exercise in conjunction with both our gel and spray liniments
  • Contains Lavender Oil and Egyptian Geranium Oil infused with Chamomile Extract
  • Each of these components decrease anxiety and have strong anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Helps decrease anxiety has strong anti-inflammatory benefits, is exceptionally mild and extremely efficient
  • It is designed to augment your post training and event regime; clean and relax your dog and then apply your favorite DiO liniment
  • Made in the USA
  • Safe on other animals

Additional Information:

BRAND: Draw it Out