Mad Barn Lysine

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  • 99% pure crystalline form of the amino acid lysine that can be used to support healthy joints in exercising and aging horses
  • Growing horses might also benefit from supplemental lysine to support bone growth
  • Horses that have poor hoof growth, poor coat quality, or loos of muscle mass might be affected by a protein deficiency in their diet
  • Low milk production in lactating mares and flagging stamina might also be signs of deficiency
  • Lysine is considered the first rate limiting amino acid in the horse's diet (this means protein synthesis is typically limited to the rate at which lysine is available in the body)
  • If you suspect a protein deficiency or amino acid imbalance, consider supplementing the diet with L-lysine to improve the body's protein synthesis capacity
  • Enhances calcium absorption from the gut and minimizes calcium excretion by the kidney making calcium more available to form healthy bones and support normal muscle and nerve function
  • Essential for the formation of collagen - a key structural protein in skin and bones