Zesterra 14% Equine Lick Tub - 30LB

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** Due to the size & weight, we do not offer them directly through the website. Please phone us at (403) 946-4246 for availability and purchasing**
  • A great way for your horses to reap the benefits of Zesterra on a daily basis
  • Carefully formulated with essential nutrients including vitamins & minerals
  • These tubs provide an economical and convenient way to ensure your horses are receiving the support they need
  • Gives your horses daily access to the acid-neutralizing properties of the liquid in a convenient tub
  • Carefully formulated with a wide variety of nutrients including protein and high-quality vitamins and minerals to help ensure your horses are receiving the nutritional support they need
  • 30lbs, can hang
  • CAUTION: Due to high copper content, do not feed to sheep or other unapproved livestock