Redmond Red Horse Minerals - 5lb

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  • Most supplements contain grain products, sweeteners and artificial flavors and colors (like that blue salt block we all see)
  • Redmond provides just what your horse needs and eliminatates as many of the unnecessary ingredients as possible
  • They have done that again with Red. Red horse mineral contains no grain products, no sweeteners and no artificial flavors or colorings
  • It is just what your horse needs: 100% unrefined mineral sea salt with 63 minerals, an added mineral package and vitamins A, D and E
  • It takes the guesswork out of meeting your horse’s mineral needs
  • Red provides a full complement of all major trace minerals, plus key vitamins to support the immune system, vision, bones, muscles and nerves
  • With Red your horse will achieve more vitality and a healthier appearance overall
  • Red is particularly well-suited for stall-bound horses, hard-working horses, nutritionally depleted horses, pregnant mares and growing foals
  • If fed daily using the typical feeding amount (two scoops), one tub of Red will last 40 days