RopeSmart Dally Wraps - Red Hornet

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  • Pack of 12
  • The technology of the red hornet smart wrap brings you the red hornet bands which appeal to both headers and heelers
  • RopeSmart's double patented dally rubber has continued to evolve over the past few years into what they are today
  • Easy installation and guaranteed to not roll or spin on the horn like other materials
  • Each dally rubber comes with shock absorbing core bands that lie at the heart of the saddle horn wrap and increase the amount of weight it takes to move a rope on the horn
  • With the proprietary chemistry owned by RopeSmart, the compounds operate in the largest range of temperatures and do not burn off into ropes
  • Open crowns mean a consistent bite from dally one until the rope is worn out
  • With other types of rubber, especially black bands, each dally leaves more and more rubber in the crown, leaving less crown to bite, but not these
  • The patented design also seals off the base of the saddle horn, helping prevent ropes from becoming stuck under or into the horn
  • This adds up for safer roping experiences, less ruined jeans, and less unintentional rope slippage
  • When properly installed and instructions followed, each dally rubber is guaranteed to save a minimum of 1 rope per wrap

Additional Information:

BRAND: Rope Smart