Hoof Hug Tape Abscess Care Pack

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  • Caring for hoof abscesses made easy.
  • No need for duct tape, messy soaking tub, or boot.
  • Use for abscesses, thrush, sores, bruises, hoof and heal cracks
  • Three AnimalPoultx Hoof Pads, an antiseptic poultice dressing made from premium cotton will with an external protected backing, can be used as a hot, cold or dry wound and injury dressing
  • Three Mineral Soak Salt Packs, has beneficial effects on muscle soreness & fatigue and on arthritis.  Extracts heat and swelling from joints and body parts.  Relieves aches and pains.  Prevents stiffness after exercising, relaxing muscles
  • Three Hoof Hug Tape Packs, the shaped pad is designed with shark-like gripping surface for superior ground contact and Ti-Bond adhesive for adhering to hoof walls and sole

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