Schleich Lop-Eared Rabbit

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  • Our Long-eared Rabbit from schleich® FARM WORLD is a really fast hopper
  • Its long rabbit teeth are perfect for nibbling carrots, grass or shoelaces
  • When he's not eating, he enjoys listening to Rabbit Radio
  • He often drifts away into a daydream that his ears can not only hear well but also help him fly
  •  Its strong hind legs mean that it hops over your desk faster than anyone else - despite its long floppy ears
  • These let the rabbit hear particularly well
  • Especially when his favorite songs are playing on the radio again
  • Then he gets a dreamy look in his eyes as he wishes that his ears could not only hear well but also help him fly
  • He's vegetarian and only uses his strong rabbit teeth for carrots, grains or grass
  • And laces that are too long
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