Schleich Elementa Fire Unicorn Stallion

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  • An orange-tinged coat as warm as the rising sun
  • A mane like wind-swept flames. Fire-flecked fetlocks to match a blazing spirit
  • The Elementa Fire Unicorn Stallion is a white-hot addition to the schleich® unicorn toy collection - one of three new Elementa unicorns released in early 2023
  • One of three "Elementa" unicorns from schleich® Bayala – collect the stallion, mare, and foal
  • Made with sturdy, long-lasting materials, and a sprinkling of magic
  • Crafted with such exquisite detail your kids might fall into a story and find their imaginations running wild
  • Just right for holidays and birthday gifts for unicorn lovers
  • This schleich® product is part of the BAYALA® theme world and is suitable for children ages 5 and up

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